NEW in 2019, watch this space .....

Although we are still fine tuning the details we can promise you some new additions to our timetable in 2019:

Core Strength with Chris

We have responded to your feedback on how much you love this class of Chris's and would like to see it as a permanent fixture on our timetable.  Times to be confirmed soon.

Motown Northern Soul Pop Up Workout

We have literally been stopped in the street a few times and asked if we are going to run this workout again.  So yes, we will release it again with some old favourites and some new tracks. 

Who We Are

Fit LAB The Business

Fit LAB specialises in Group Fitness Classes.

Owner Lesley Anne Barnes' aim is to ensure delivery of high standard classes from Fit LAB instructors.

It is hoped that this in turn will result in participant regular attendance, great health & fitness results and member retention.

Fit LAB Studio is based in The Dolphin Centre, one of the best council run centres in the country.  Fit LAB is an independent business running within The Dolphin Centre and holds great pride in their studio in this facility.

Fit LAB The Team

Along with Lesley, Jaime (Lesley's Sister) helps to run the business and also delivers fitness classes.

Our instructors have been with us for many years, we are a close team who have decades of experience in teaching exercise classes.  Our youngest 2 instructors are in their twenties, the rest of us are between 38 and 55 .....yep this is where our experience comes from!

Fit LAB and YOU!

We take great pride in how newcomers comment on how friendly the other participants are.  We want you to feel part of a community that you can come to and feel relaxed, this in turn will bring you great fitness and health benefits.  Many or our ladies have built strong friendships at Fit LAB.