Class Descriptions

Body Attack

A modern athletic take on an 'aerobic' class.  Lisa will offer you low impact alternatives as you gradually build your fitness and stamina levels.  Amazing cardio work!

Body Pump


The ultimate toning class which uses a barbell and weights.  Each track focuses on a specific Body Part.  RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS .... try to include 1 - 2 Pump classes a week into your programme.

Body Combat


Although high intensity, this class is reasonably low impact.  Punching and kicking with martial arts inspired routines to great music will bring you results and keep you coming back for more.



You are sure to have heard of Zumba but maybe have not yet tried.  Our Zumba Instructors each teach their own style of Zumba class. Try them all for variety, fun and fat burning!

Zumba Gold


Calling all Golden Girls .....come along an exercise at your own pace with like minded ladies.  Barbara or Jaime and our lovely ladies will welcome you to this popular class.



We always have and always will love step.   Lesley has been teaching this for many years and still considers it one of the best class types for lower body toning combined with fat burning.

Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi Fusion


Lucy will guide you through the movements which flow seamlessly from one into the next.  This class involves standing and floor work, Lucy will offer you alternative exercise when needed.

Body Bounce

This class provides so many benefits, such as fat burning, core stability and balance.

The class provides so many benefits such as of course fat burning, core stability, balance and assisting in getting rid toxins in the body which can be the cause of cellulite or harmful diseases.  A fun workout which is easier to get used to than you think.